Remember Robert J Wadsworth? Last week he was in the news for having an allegedly stolen gun from Alabama on his person in Colonie. I thought it was crazy, last week Robert J. Wadsworth had been charged with five felonies and 12 misdemeanors in a 12-month period. Robert is not one for surprises—he has topped his amazing arrest record.

He was arrested and released sometime last week on his own without any bail. It’s amazing that you can have a stolen gun and a crazy amount of arrest and interactions with law enforcement, and the judge still gives you a slap on the wrist and tells you to go home. What I find even more amazing is Robert’s streak continues, according to the Times Union, this week he has been arrested again.

Can you believe Robert is accused of threatening to shoot a woman who confronted her about being in her yard? By this time we know he wasn’t threatening her with the stolen gun from Alabama.

You think after being arrested and charged with so many different offenses in such a short time, Rob would lay low. WRONG! In case you're keeping track, this will be Rob’s ninth time being arrested in 12 months. This will be 13 misdemeanors this year. Robert has to be up for some kind of world record.

Robert has been very busy this year with pending charges including 13 misdemeanors and five felonies in less than a 365 day period has to qualify for at least a local record. Nobody is just going to randomly get accused of this many crimes without merit.

I’m sure the judges are quite familiar with him after such an extensive criminal history, why don’t they just deny bail to keep him off the street. Whatever is going on with Robert, he seems like a menace to society and it seems like law enforcement is complicit. Mr. Wadsworth might want to find something else to do he is a magnet for the police.

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