Good Friday! Another Hot Topic, this letter comes in from a woman who is married but considering dating another man. It's 2020 so whatever works for you and your relationship sounds good. This situation sounds like it could get kind of messy check out what this anonymous listener needs help with.

Okay, I think I met the man of my dreams! He is tall dark and definitely handsome. Let me tell you about this man he has a smile that can warm up your soul. He also has the voice of an angel one time he sang Ribbon In The Sky and it made my heart melt. He is really talented, he also has a great career, and a great sense of humor to top it off.

When I say it I mean it, this man is perfect for me, and we would be so happy together I know it. There is only one problem, my husband.... I have been in an open marriage for 9 years, my husband openly dates other women. I have yet to seek a relationship with another man simply because I haven’t been interested.

Now I am very interested, but kind of feeling the new dude more than my husband. Maybe its the newness of it all. Honestly, I’m tired of him using “open marriage” as an excuse for him to sleep with or deal with whatever women he wants to. I feel like when I approach my husband to tell him about my new relationship he will want to call things off. Well two can play that game and even though me and my new interest haven't done anything sexual. We kissed one time and he knows that I want to pursue things even further.

This seems extremely unfair, but I’m kind of torn on what to do. This sounds like an entanglement on another level because my husband actually is the supervisor at my new love interest job. I know this sounds even messier but me and my new love interest spend a lot of private time alone at work. Oh, I forgot to mention we all work at the same job I just work in a different department than my husband.

Me and my husband don’t have any children, we are both career-minded people so I am successful in my own right as well. I was cool with the open relationship idea, but I know my husband will change his mind when I tell him that I have a new love interest that we both work with.

Should I follow my lust/heart and pursue my love interest or should I just keep it cool out of respect for my husband?

That is a lot! Let's help this woman out. I think it is too much when your involving your relationship and finances. If this goes left this woman could possibly lose both. Not to mention the innocent man who is caught up in the middle of your messy marriage. I think you need to decide whether you want to be or married or not. This sounds like it will end up all bad. Thats just my opinion call in 518-570-9910.

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