This past Saturday, Hot 991. had the opportunity to attend and take over Colonie Central High school's class of 2018 senior prom. Of course we had to do it big and make sure there prom was extra "Hot" so we brought along with us Jamie Ray who has a hit song out now getting heavy radio spins all over with the song "16ft ft  NBA Young Boi  and Hood Celebrity who also performed her hit song "Walking Trophy".

I got a chance to kick it with Jamie Ray before prom and got to know a little bit more about who Jamie Ray is and his road to getting signed and getting his song played on the radio. He mentioned dropping out of school and some of the hardships he endured like his mother being in prison and losing close friends along the way. Among all the negative he shined a light on the positive and noted he wouldn't be who he is today if it was not for some of the stuff he had to go through.   He also was nice enough to let us get an exclusive listen to some of his unreleased music, and let's just say he has some more hits in the stash. This summer is going to be a hot one. I can see Jamie Ray climbing the charts.

Shout out to the graduating class of 2018 and everyone who attended prom on Saturday. The ladies and fellas looked like superstars.


jamie ray 3
jamie Ray


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