Next week at this time, I'll be exploring the Grand Tetons as well as the wonders of Yellowstone National Park as I finally take a bucket list trip I've been wanting forever.  But seeing wildlife in a natural environment like the Adirondacks or Yellowstone is one thing. Seeing a bear in your backyard in say, Troy or Guilderland, is a completely different thing.  Hungry and curious bears have been spotted at a relatively high rate lately in Capital Region in areas where they aren't normally seen. Authorities have offered these tips on how you may be able to keep them away, and protect yourself and family.

News 10 ABC reported higher amounts of bear sightings in the area recently and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation recommends keeping your grill clean, and storing your garbage cans in a solid structure. You should also avoid leaving your pet food dishes outside, and take in your bird feeders UNTIL NOVEMBER 30.

If you do see bear activity, you should contact your local law enforcement.

For more information on what to do if you encounter a bear visit:



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