Ever been driving around New York State on a rainy night when you see something in the road ahead. What is that? A leaf? As you feel your tires roll over the object you realize, nope, that wasn't a leaf. It was a frog!

Between now and the end of April, volunteers are needed to be part of New York's Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings Project. Yes, we need you to help frogs cross the road.

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According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as the ground starts to thaw there are certain creatures like the Spotted Salamander and Wood Frog, that come out of hibernation. This usually happens on a mild and rainy Spring night.

That is when thousands of amphibians leave the forest and head toward woodland pools so they can mate and lay eggs. You know? Spring fever? The problem is they typically need to cross roadways to get there and that is when they get run over.


The way you can help is to volunteer for the Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings (AM&RC) Project. What you do is find these road crossing locations, document weather and traffic conditions and literally help them across the road. Check out the training videos HERE.


These guys need our help across New York from the Capital Region to the Hudson Valley and into neighboring states. Here in New York, in less than 15 years, more than 46,000 amphibians have been counted in this project and 27,000 amphibians were saved by volunteers that helped them across the road.

If you are going to volunteer make sure to be safe. Wear safety clothing that reflect light. Use headlamps and be aware of the passing vehicles. We don't want the same thing happening to you that has been happening to the frogs.

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