There are a lot of great things to see driving around the Capital Region but who knew one of them would be a residential house with some pretty random decorations.

As you can tell by the "Mysterious Lake George Phenomenon," the "Unusual New York State Museums," I like to bring attention to things out of the box and this house is just that. I originally saw the picture on Albany Reddit and I have some questions.

First and foremost, I love this house. I know nothing about the people who own it and decided to decorate it this way but I'm all for it. If you're driving down Sand Creek Road between Pfeil Ave and Kennedy Drive, keep an eye out for the giant elephant stuffed animal with a hat or some other stuffed animal outside.

According to people who commented, the animal will change so you never know which oversized animal will be out there at any point. Someone else said, "The former owners had a wooden animal in that same spot-- like the kind you see being carved with a chainsaw or something. When these owners bought the house they replaced it with stuffed animals."

I don't know the actual reason for these animals but, as I said, I don't hate it. So if you didn't know about this house, you do now, enjoy it!

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