Halloween has always been the weirdest holiday to me. We dress our children up and take them to complete strangers houses so they can give them candy ? This map is Sex Offenders in the Albany area.

Thats only the registered sex offenders in Albany alone ... I hope everyone is properly supervising their children tonight because it is real out here.

Also I don't like the fact that everyone feels like they can do stupid things on Halloween. One year I was one my way to DJ a party and some one threw a rock at my truck and shattered the windshield for no reason at all.

Apparently I'm not the only one who this happened to there is the Pumpkin Patrol in Troy that began as a volunteer effort in 1976 by Katherine St. Jacques in Fort Johnson, Montgomery County. She was talking to a truck driver on her CB radio when his windshield was struck by an object thrown from an overpass. The driver was injured.

BE safe tonight enjoy your Halloween the only thing I like about Halloween are the sexy out fits and candy from people I know I can trust.