I have always loved Halloween.

As a kid, I planned my costumes for weeks and sometimes months in advance. I took pride in decorating our house to be one of the scariest on the block. Once I got too old to go tricker treating I decorated our house and put a scary-looking "body" sticking out of our bushes in front of our house. Then Halloween night I put the "bodies" clothes on and jumped out of the bushes scaring kids when they came up to our house for candy.

Last year I tried to buy one of Home Depot's huge 12-foot skeletons, but they were out of stock. So, I built a zombie horde in our front yard out of plywood. It was good, but not a 12-foot giant skeleton good.

Make A Zombie Horde In Your Front Yard For Less Than $120

Well, good news for me and all of the other Halloween-obsessed people out there. The 12-foot skeleton is back at Home Depot. It's currently listed as "out of stock", but it will be back in stock soon according to several sources. In the meantime, you might want to check out the original, classic 12-foot skeleton's friend. Meet the Inferno Pumpkinhead Skeleton. He's also 12 feet tall with a pumpkin head and a chest that glows like it's on fire.

Either one of these giant skeleton yard decorations would be a great addition to any Halloween display. If you really want one, you will have to stake Home Depot's website for the next couple of months or resort to eBay. At Home Depot, the giant skeleton's run about $300-$350, but people are gouging you big-time on eBay. Some prices are as high as $1,000

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