Halle Berry gave birth to her second child, a son, with actor Olivier Martinez last Saturday. Another celeb naming their child an unusual baby name!


They've decided to choose the name Maceo, which originally comes from Spain and dates back to the 9th to 14th centuries. Maceo, Matteo and Matthew all have the same origin.

The name is right up there with her daughter's name Nahla from the movie "The Lion King!" Maybe they intend on the name-signifying old world royalty. Afterall, Lion King is Disney royalty! The name translates to "Gift of God" and the actress has said this pregnancy, at the age of 47 has been a "miracle."

Halle has been known to attract some cray cray men, so we shall see how long this fairy-tale marriage to Olivier lasts because he has proven to be a little cray himself when he beat up Halle's other baby daddy Gabriel Aubry!

Good luck Halle!