The COVID-19 pandemic has had so many different side effects. Every aspect of life is changing daily. The shutdown has a lot of celebrities going natural not shaving or dying grey hairs.

Barbershops and salons are closed, so there is no one to maintain that edge up. Some notable celebrities who seem like they entered a time machine and became old overnight are Diddy, Kevin Hart and Dion Sanders.

If you see someone online with a fresh cut, it's probably because their barber is violating the stay at home order and making house trips. They may have made the jump, into buying clippers and cutting their own hair. According to New York Post, sales of hair clippers have jumped a whopping 166% from a year ago, and hair-coloring products have climbed 23%.

Learning to cut your own hair can save you so much money. Are you styling yourself, have you learned how to cut your own hair during the quarantine, tag us in that picture of the fresh-cut on IG @Hot991.

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