Earlier this year, Drake broke Twitch's viewership record while playing Fortnite with popular gamer Ninja. On Saturday (Nov. 24), Ninja thought he was once again joined by the Toronto rapper as he played Fortnite to raise money for the The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. Unfortunately, though, he got an extremely rude awakening in the form of an apparent Drake imposter who let loose a racial slur several during his gaming session.

In the video of the instance, we can hear Ninja speaking to a person using Drizzy's Fortnite username. Within a few moments, it becomes clear that the voice speaking through Drizzy's account is different from that of the 6ix God's. It becomes even more obvious when the unidentified person starts shouting the N-Word out of nowhere.

After the session, Ninja confirms that the "God's Plan" rapper's account had been hacked. "That's not Drake," Ninja reassured fans at one point during the Twitch broadcast.

While trying to make sense out of the situation, Ninja ends the game after addressing the imposter's actions. "What do you do about that, man?" he asked his viewers prior to ending the game. "That's awkward, on a charity stream, man. Gotta love it, dude."

Check out the video of Drake's Fortnite account getting hacked below. The racial slur can be heard around the 4:58 mark.

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