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Tekashi 6ix9ine [69] whose real name is Daniel Hernandez. Could be facing life in prison, Sunday night the rainbow hair Brooklyn rapper was arrested by ATF, FBI, and Homeland Security on racketeering, conspiracy and gun charges in New York City. Safe to say this is real serious, 5 more members of the Treyway gang was also arrested including the rappers ex-manger Shottie. Who was recently fired, in fact in an recent interview with The Breakfast Club days before his arrest, Tekashi tells the morning show crew he fired his whole team. The 22-year-old fired Shottie and others on his management team last week, complaining on Instagram that they were booking him for shows without his knowledge, according to rolling stone.  Another person arrested Sunday night is Faheem Walter (aka Crippy), who was shot a few weeks ago during an altercation with the head of Tekashi’s record label, according to TMZ.  We learned later after the arrest, the same crew that he fired, Lawyer unfolded in the court room, two of his former pals might have been planning a hit on him. The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office claims that Hernandez and the others charged were members of the local Bloods offshoot Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. The Nine Trey, allegedly conspired as part of a “criminal organization” that was known to make use of murder, robbery, and drugs to solidify power.

Last month, Tekashi was given four additional years of probation for the case, along with 1,000 hours of community service, Rolling Stone said. He also was told to stay out of trouble and avoid additional arrests or risk prison time. Not even 24 hours later Tekashi was in the news for, ducking bullets fired at a rented Beverly Hills mansion where he, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West were filming a music video together. The Brooklyn rapper was looking to drop his first album the day after Thanksgiving but have been postpone.

Hernandez was held without bail Monday and charged with six counts in an eight-count racketeering indictment, Prosecutors claimed that the rapper was at the center of several acts of violence:

  1. April 3, robbery on West 40th Street and Eighth Avenue that targeted rivals, allegedly 69 sat in the car, parked outside and played a role in planning and directing in the crime.
  2. April 21, fired a gunshot at rivals of Nine Trey upon encountering them at the Barclays Center,” the indictment alleges. Prosecutors claims he was among those who had exchanged words with these rivals prior to the shooting
  3. July 16 organizing a shooting of someone who “disrespected” his group, which resulted in an innocent bystander getting shot instead.


New photos of Hernandez have emerged showing the rapper on the scene of several alleged crimes. The photos [photo1] [photo2] [photo3] [photo4] are contained within a filing by the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office in relation to his arrest Sunday on racketeering and firearms charges. According to TMZ, Tekashi has been moved to a new facility used for witnesses who want to cut a deal. Inmates are not happy with the “special” treatment the rapper is receiving.  A dormitory was cleared out and the only ones let back in were those who were NOT affiliated with a gang. 69 were then placed in the dorm with 11 other inmates who were described as "docile."

Things are not looking good for the rapper short career, if he makes it out of this one we pray this would be a eye-opener to what many has already been warning him about since the beginning of his career.



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