This is definitely a sad story on November 16, Johni Dunia, 17, was shot and killed on the bike path adjacent to Central Avenue in Cohoes17-year-old, An arrest has been made in the teen's murder.

According to Times Union :

Thomas Slivienski, a former Cohoes resident who now lives in Watervliet, was charged with second-degree murder and arraigned in Cohoes City Court by Judge Andra Ackerman. He pleaded not guilty and was sent to Albany County Jail with no bail. Police would not state a motive for the shooting; however, it is believed the two knew each other. .

This is a truly sad story, hopefully, the family will be able to find peace with the alleged killer off of the street. Rest in peace to Johni Dunia, it is sad to see things like this happen to anyone no matter their age.

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