Gucci Mane has finally surrendered to police after a week-long manhunt. The Atlanta rapper is accused of assaulting a military solider with a champagne bottle at a nightclub.

As we previously reported, the soldier, who is only identified as James, told WSBTV that the 'Lemonade' rapper suddenly cracked him over the head with a bottle when he tried to get a photograph with him. The victim needed 10 stitches to close the gnarly wound on the top of his head.

Not only that, a second victim has come forward claiming that Gucci Mane assaulted him. The man, who asked to be called TJ, said that Gucci punched him in the jaw on March 18 at a Philadelphia nightclub. "He punched me on the left side of my face, right here in the jaw, knocking off my glasses," he said. "I haven't ever been so humiliated in my life and disrespected."

The Brick Squad leader is known for his strange behavior, but this violent pattern must stop. Gucci Mane is expected to be arraigned on aggravated assault charges in the Atlanta case today (March 27).

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