We are 1 month away from the official start of Summer but it's warm enough to begin today. Not complaining! I am excited to get outside and do some hiking, biking and rollercoaster riding!

Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury opens the 2022 season this weekend with at least 1 major change.

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Six Flags Great Escape will be open Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd and this is just the beginning. If you plan to revisit the park several times this year, your best bet might be the Six Flags Pass! This gives you access to the park all season long, including visits to Hurricane Harbor. Unlimited food options are no longer available however. Thanks to TikTok!

According to Yahoo Finance, Six Flags have eliminated the offer of their unlimited dining pass, which was an add-on option for their season pass. For approximately $200 you could have unlimited access to the park as well as 2 meals, one snack and unlimited drinks every day the park is open. So, why is TikTok to blame for this removal?

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There is a guy on TikTok, Six Flags Scoundrel, that decided to purchase a season pass with the unlimited dining add-on for a total of $200. He wanted to see how much money he could save by eating at the amusement park daily. He posted his progress on the social media network.

This is how it started.

@thundermunkerDay 6 of exploiting the Six Flags meal pass♬ original sound - Six Flags Scoundrel


On Day 7, for example, Six Flags Scoundrel saved nearly $100. In just 1 day! Clearly not everyone has the time to do this but many others did attempt it and that resulted in clogged lines and the park food stations and financial loss for Six Flags.

We will most probably rethink whether we introduce a dining plan, a season dining plan or not or an all-exclusive, but it's going to be completely changed from what people expect, - CEO Selim Bassoul

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