Will Cuomo be running in the 2020 Presidential election?

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Just last week, Governor Cuomo signed the free college tuition plan, and it was during that time that rumors began floating around that Cuomo would be a Democratic candidate for the upcoming 2020 election. It seems as though these speculations that Cuomo is planning to run for president grew louder this week after a high-profile appearance with Hillary Clinton and a state budget that some observers say reads like a map to the White House.

Secretary Hillary Clinton was with Governor Andrew Cuomo during the celebration of one of his budget's major achievements, the passing of the first-in-the nation free tuition plan for students from middle-class families. Other major improvements in the budget included juvenile justice reform and middle-class tax breaks.

New York Governor Cuomo Makes Announces That Spotify Will Add 1,000 Jobs In NYC
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Because he is putting more of a focus on the middle-class, experts say that Cuomo is in fact positioning himself as a “centrist in the mold of Clinton,” supporting the same social policies and political values for our country.

As of right now, Cuomo hasn’t given any confirmation on the idea of running for President. He instead gives pretty vague answers about his political future and says he is focusing solely on his job as governor at the moment. What do you think Capital Region? Would Governor Cuomo be a good candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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