OK So, shutout to you for getting through Monday ( the toughest day out the week I know). Well, now it's Tuesday and there are things happening and just because it's not Friday yet, don't mean you can't have a little harmless fun. I need you to keep that same energy from the weekend all week long lol.

Not really trying to go straight home after work this evening? Here are some cool things to get into after a productive workday today.

1) Its Restaurant and Beer Week in Troy all week long. Stop by some of these restaurants and bars for some good grub and booze. Menus from 5$ to 30$ meals. Hey bring the kids as well.

2) Come unwind and kick off the fall with Troy Kitchen tonight. Their Friends with Benefits Pink Party is going down and you are invited. Music, Drinks, good vibes your cant go wrong on a Tuesday with this party.

3) Today until September 14th check out some really cool videos and movies at the New York State International Film Festival starts at 6pm.

Empire State Plaza in Albany, NY
Lisa Svara, ThinkStock

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