Rihanna looks fierce on her Vogue cover and shows her vulnerable side within the mag, and now we got a behind-the-scenes look at her shoot. And guess what? Unretouched Rihanna is just as, if not more stunning than the photos you see in print. She credits a lot of her beauty to her ability to be herself.

"Since my first Vogue cover, I've gotten a lot more fearless, a lot freer, a lot more comfortable with who I am -- as I've changed and grew up, I've just started to embrace that," she said in the video, set to her new single 'Diamonds.' "I've started to infuse that in my fashion as well as my music. I'm pretty much exposed to my fans, and they get to see that change and evolution."

"When people listen to my new album, I want them to walk away with a spirit of hope," the short-haired songstress said earnestly. "Like a light spirit," she said. "That's the place I'm in and I want them to feel that."

Speaking of short hair, RiRi dished on her new 'do in the clip as well. "The shorter it got, the more I was falling in love with it," she smiled. "I felt like the long hair was holding me back a little bit -- I loved it, but it was always a thing I had to think about," she explained. "I had to make sure it was done ... I felt brand new."

RiRi said her short hair actually makes her feel girlier. "Femininity has a lot to do with self-expression, individuality -- not being afraid to be yourself and embrace who  you are in every way. The beauty of being a woman is that there's so many different colors to us, so many different layers, so many different types," she enthused. "That's why you have to be yourself: Because there's only one of you." Wise words, Rihanna!