Frank Ocean is an avid user of social media site, Tumblr. He recently posted an open letter, much like he did with his infamous “coming out” letter on the site. Frank talks about some of his non-music aspirations like writing a novel (about twins, huh?), starting a car club and building an arcade.

He also talks about relocating from the left coast to NYC or Tokyo. In regards to his love life, he seems to ramble in between thoughts with sentences like:

“I was falling for someone new, If I already hadn’t. It was incredible. It was ridiculously awesome. It came and went and maimed us a little. Not much.”

He details sitting in the studio with hip hop masterminds, Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams before ending the letter with:

“I’m working on a lot of music. I’m gonna get back to that now. Good night moon.”

It’s a very artistic, trippy, dark look into the life of a rising star.