In a controversial photo that has gone viral on the Internet, three white students from New York's Waverly High School are dressed in blackface and are reenacting a 2009 incident in which Chris Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna. WTF?

The photo, which was posted on CNN iReport by Matt Dishler, a former graduate of Waverly High School, shows one male restraining another student who is holding an umbrella while another man is portraying Rihanna cowering on the floor. You can see students and cheerleaders in the background laughing at the racist skit.

Oddly enough, this parody occurred during Waverly High School's pep rally on Friday (Oct. 12). So this performance was supposed to get students pumped up before a sporting contest? Aside from the abhorrent use of blackface, the issue of domestic violence is nothing to cheer about and has no place at a pep rally. We can't imagine how this skit is supposed to boast school morale.

Dishler, who didn't attend the rally, but heard about it from friends, was so appalled that he wrote a commentary about it on CNN iReport. "I can testify there’s not a lot of racial diversity in that school whatsoever," he tells "We’re not really exposed to that at that school. I felt like something should have been done about this. I don’t believe the kids had any vicious intentions, but the administrators should have said that’s not exactly OK."

We agreed. So far, the photo has garnered over 21,000 views and 200 comments, mostly and shockingly, defending the students' performance. Apparently, this skit was part of annual competition for the title of "Mr. Waverly" and is a school tradition. One commenter even wrote that students performed in blackface last year but no one complained. Really?

Waverly Superintendent Joseph Yelich has told the Daily Review that he's meeting with school administrators and student groups on Tuesday (Oct. 16) to discuss this incident. No student has been suspended or reprimanded for their actions since this photo surfaced online.

"Ultimately, our administrators are going to need to meet with the whole student body to set clear expectations for our behavior and the impact it has on all people," said Yelich.

Let's hope that the administrators, teachers and student body come to the conclusion to end this racist competition and have a pep rally about racial harmony and diversity in their community.

What do you think about the Waverly High School students' reenactment? Sound off in the comments below.

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