This holiday season Victory Christian Church wants to gift you a gift card for all illegal hand guns turned in before Christmas.

It’s an annual event that pastor Charlie Muller has adopted in order to help keep the streets and neighborhoods safe from gun violence. Last year the church was able to get 100 illegal and very dangerous guns off the streets and is looking forward to doubling that number this year.

Guns can be turned in every Saturday until Christmas from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. people can drop off illegal handguns at the Victory Christian Church on Quail Street in Albany in exchange for a Walmart gift card. I think this is a good idea and something I hope to see continuing working , gun violence has always been an issue within the city of Albany. For more information and to spread the word visit  News Channel 13.

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Gibgalich, ThinkStock
Gibgalich, ThinkStock

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