Generation Next is back during the week. Listen to The Supreme Experience weeknights around 6:30 for the hottest independent artists in the state of New York. This is a battle to see who has the buzz in the state. Tonight's featured artists are both from Albany and both have heaters.

Tonight's line up features NBHD Nick Vs Endia The challenger tonight is NBHD Nick with his new single of his EP due this fall. Endia kicked off her reign last night getting more votes than Altez who had a 5-night reign. Vote on these songs and listen tonight to see which one wins. Voting ends at 6pm tomorrow night and we will have a new contender tomorrow to take on tonight's champion. Take a listen to both songs and vote now to support local Independent music:

Vote Now On What Song You Think Is The Best?

If you are an artist that would like to be featured on Generation Next submit your music here.

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