Sorry, haters, you just can't bring Gabourey Sidibe down!

Following her appearance at last night's Golden Globes, the 'American Horror Story: Coven' star was the brunt of some very mean tweets. These very mean, and completely anonymous, people made fun of her full figure, which was draped in a gorgeous pearl-tinted gown. (See more photos of it here.) She looked, frankly, beautiful.

Gabby could have cried, she could have stayed in bed, she could have thrown a tantrum. But, no, the actress instead fired back with the tweet to end all tweets -- or at least to end all mean tweets:

Twitter trolls can't really have a comeback for that one, can they? Well played, Gabby, well played. Of course, one would expect a funny response from the woman who regularly tweets out hilarious stuff like she did just before the Globes:

Keep it coming, Gabby!

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