When it comes to Juicy J, good things come to those who wait instead of simply twerk. Last year, the former Three 6 Mafia rapper announced he will be awarding a $50,000 scholarship to the female with the best twerk video. He later broadened the rules to include applicants who could show him they deserved it the most.

Zaire Holmes was that person. She won the $50,000 and didn't even have to twerk. The 19-year-old simply sent Juicy a video explaining that she's a single mother who's currently pursuing her biology degree at the State College of Florida in hopes of becoming a doctor.

"This scholarship will benefit me greatly because I will be in school for 11 years and financial aid will not cover my expenses," Holmes says in her application video. "I deserve this scholarship because I strive for excellence."

Holmes was only told she was a finalist in the competition, so she was surprised when Juicy showed up with a giant $50,000 check and explained why he picked her as the winner. "It reminded me of myself when I was coming up when I was 19," Juicy J said. "I was like really, really working hard."

The 'Stay Trippy' creator later invited Holmes over to the studio to recite a verse in addition to winning the large sum of money. So all-in-all it was a good start to her year and even better for her future.

Watch Zaire Holmes' Application Video