Seth Meyers wasn't the only presenter overjoyed about Andy Samberg's win at the Golden Globes -- actress Julie Bowen showed her appreciation in an over-the-top way, too. Only her way was totally awkward.

The 'Modern Family' mom and Meyers presented the Golden Globe statue for Best Actor in a TV Comedy series to the 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' star. Meyers was adorably ecstatic for his former 'Saturday Night Live' colleague.

But Bowen? She looked intense and aggressive as she grabbed his face, whispered "We're totally going to do it, now" and kissed him on the lips! Samberg looked a bit thrown, and astute viewers freaked. No word on how Andy's new bride, Joanna Newsom, reacted.

It was indeed a strange moment, but we think Bowen maybe was just improvising on her comedic intro with Meyers, in which they said they'd be willing to do anything -- and anyone -- to earn their first Golden Globe nominations.

What do you think, PopCrushers? Was it a joke that fell flat, or does the new Mrs. Samberg have a cougar problem on her hands?

Andy Samberg, Julie Bowen

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