The 2014 'Full House' Renaissance continues.

After the male cast members reunited for both a Super Bowl commercial and a Jimmy Fallon late night skit, Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger are getting in on this wave of late '80s and early '90s TGIF sitcom nostalgia.

The twosome will reunite as a couple on TV, but we're not sure if they'll play her alter ego D.J. and her first love Steve!

The Bustle reports that Cameron Bure and Weinger will play a couple on the season finale of ABC's 'The Neighbors' on Feb. 28, and we can only hope they will reprise their former TV roles.

Weinger writes for the show, so anything is possible. Cameron Bure still does some acting, obviously, but she also writes books and is a devoted wife and mother.

Now, we've asked this before and we'll ask it again. Where the heck are the Olsen Twins in this 'Full House' pop culture exhumation? They've gotta take a break from designing fabulous clothes for Elizabeth & James and The Row and get in on this fun! For our sakes, if nothing else.