Once again I must compel all parents to watch out for your children! Another man has been arrested in New York for allegedly attempting to have sex with a child.

According to justice.gov Edward J. Bush, of Fort Edward, was arrested on July 20 for allegedly trying to make arrangements to have sex with an 11-year-old child. 49-year old Edward Bush allegedly attempted to pay a woman $100 to have sex with a child, knowing that the child was only 11 years old.

Bush thought that the woman was selling her daughter for sex, but what he did not know was that the woman was an undercover FBI agent. Bush paid $60 upfront to the undercover agent, who was working with the Capital Region Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force. When he was arrested, Bush had the remainder of the money in his pocket along with unopened condoms.

Bush appeared in federal court on January July 24 for an initial appearance. If he is convicted he is looking at a lot of time in jail. The minimum sentence he could receive would be 15 years in prison and five years of supervised release, the maximum sentence would be life in prison, and a fine of $250,000.

I’m not a judge or jury, and it’s probably a good thing I’m not. I think anyone who tries to have sex with a child should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, It’s that simple.

This is one of the vilest acts that a man could even consider being a partner part of, just so disgusting. Parents, please, please watch out for your children!

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