Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals got HEATED. See what I did there? I digress. Plenty of high profiled celebs were in attendance to see the Miami Heat advance to the NBA Finals on Monday night. The Biebs was there (go get em’ Keyshawn), David Beckham and Flo Rida as well.

Flo is a jacked dude, he can carry his own. But he probably didn’t expect having to play security guard when he was on his way to the game that night. His manager, Lee Prince, was escorted out of the arena during the fourth quarter of the game after getting into a shouting match with Indiana Pacers player, Jeff Pendergraph.

TNT’s Craig Sager (the guy who wears suits that look like baby barf) explained the situation. “He got to be such a distraction that the officials came over and tried to eject him. He wanted to stay put. However, Flo Rida said, ‘You’re my manager, but you’ve got to get out of here now.’”

Here’s video of the physical play that got Prince (we’re assuming he’s a Heat fan) hot and bothered. Take a look in the background at the 1:37 mark to see police taking him away.

Here’s a screen grab.


Here’s Craig Sager’s brilliant commentary.