It's a well known fact that fireworks are illegal in New York State because they are 'unsafe' yet people travel to nearby states like New Hampshire to stock up on them. Growing up you'd think our neighborhood in NYC was the Empire Plaza - all of the older boys put on the show and we all enjoyed it. Nobody ever thought twice that it was out of the ordinary, yet somehow it's illegal?

I get it that they are dangerous but so is eating undercooked chicken at your cookout. Should we make it illegal to grill chicken because there is a danger? Maybe ban using mayo during hot weather? People can die from food poisoning just as easily as someone could get a limb blown off. Care should be used with anything dangerous, including fireworks. I'm curious - has the injury rate vanished since they became illegal in NY? If anything, people are taking more risks which elevates the danger level.

Fireworks were always just part of being in the neighborhood growing up and it seems something is almost missing when we can't partake in that tradition - at least legally.

Fortunately for us the Albany area has some amazing fireworks displays to catch, although those also come with crowds. Perhaps you can watch from your car in the parking lot and then also be the first one to escape the traffic.

So what do you think? Should fireworks be legalized in New York?




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