I have always said that we should leave the fireworks up to the professionals. Now many Warren County residents are hoping that officials will feel the same way. They are hoping to ban the sale of personal fireworks throughout the county.

The complaints come mainly from Lake George and although fireworks over the lake can be beautiful, they aren't loved by all. There were a few hundred complaints from veterans, pet owners, and others. These complaints tripled in 2020 from 2019. The issues have been brought up in a meeting held by the Warren County Board of Supervisors' Governmental Operations and Advocacy Committee in July and another meeting is scheduled for August 23rd according to the Times Union.

The hope is that personal firework sales would be banned across the county. But that doesn't mean that would end them from being set off. It would be very difficult for law enforcement to respond to and shut down the fireworks displays.

It will, however, make it difficult for vacationers in Warren County, the Adirondacks, and Lake George to purchase them while they are there. When the law was passed back in 2015, there was some resistance from the Board of Supervisors representative, Dennis Dickinson. He said that he didn't want the sale of fireworks because of the disturbance to residents, injuries and that those tents that pop up to sell them are unattractive to the area.

I grew up in Mechanicville which was the home to Alonzo Fireworks and I understand the draw of the beautiful firework shows. I do think, though, that fireworks should be left to the professionals. There are too many idiots out there who could get injured or injure others unintentionally. Also, I hate the fact that these people shooting off fireworks have no regard for veterans or animals.

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