Because of the extreme winter weather that we’ve recently had in the Albany, I think we need to thank the people that do their best to keep all of us informed about the weather.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

It’s National Meteorologists’ Day, also referred to as National Weatherman’s Day. I’d rather not refer to it as ‘Weatherman’s Day’, since we do have several female meteorologists that report the weather.

We know that they may not always be right on the money and take a ton of criticism when they're wrong. You have to admit, they were right on the money with all of the information about our recent snow storm.

We watch them on television on News 10 ABC, WNYT, CBS 6 Albany and Time Warner Cable News. So let’s see which Albany area meteorologist is your favorite by taking our poll. (My apologies to my meteorologist friends if I missed anyone.)