Have you noticed that every other post on your timeline is a Sponsored Facebook Ad? It’s literally driving me nuts, with overkill. I can’t even scroll down on my timeline without running into an ad that has absolutely nothing to do with my interests or likes. Facebook needs to revisit this because I don’t mind advertisements, but please make sure it’s to my liking and something that I am actually interested in.

What happened is Facebook ads in search results are now rolling out to more advertisers. Of course Facebook did this quietly back in June, but here we are in October and it’s becoming quite obvious this plan of theirs is working. Facebook search results will be automatically included as a placement when running ad campaigns that utilize automatic placements. What does this mean? Every time you search for something or someone, whatever their interests or likes are will now show up in your timeline as an ad.

Annoying, I know. But now it’s going to prevent folks from searching – that’s IF the ad campaigns are really bothering you. Are they? Chime in below.

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