Tennessee woman posted a video of her son crying about being bullied. 

Over the weekend, a Tennessee mother, Kimberly Jones, posted a video of her son Keaton Jones on Facebook because he was being bullied at school. The video shows Keaton crying and not understanding why his classmates call him names. The videos touched the heart of many celebrities and athletes who donated to Jones' GoFundMe account; which was created by his mother.

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However, a questions remains, what is the GoFundMe exactly for? MMA fight Joe Schiller reached out to her to invite Keaton to one of his fights, however, his mother declined and told Schiller to share the GoFundMe link. After Schiller asked the purpose of the GoFundMe, she stated that she is a single mother and that the holidays are approaching and times are hard.

Another question is and does Kimberly Jones background play a role in the bullying?Pictures have emerged of Kimberly holding a confederate flag as well as screenshots of Tweets made by her telling people to get over slavery. There are also rumors that Keaton repeatedly called a student the "N" word on numerous occasions. I think we need to find out some information on Kimberly before donating to this fund. What do you guys think?

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