Does someone owe you money? Does your neighbor borrow your lawnmower and not return it? Did you go on a trip and agree to split the cost and now the other person won't pay? You should settle it in court...on a TV court show.

There is a national court show that is casting "cases", "plaintive" and "defendants" to appear on upcoming episodes. Now, I'm not sure which judge show it is for, but it could be The Peoples Court or Judge Judy, or one of several judge shows that are one during daytime TV.

If you've ever watched one of those shows, you know that the bigger the personality the more entertaining the show it. So they are looking for people with unique legal cases and very big personalities that jump off the screen. Does that would like you? You might be the perfect person to represent the Capital Region proudly on one of the several Judge TV Shows.

The casting is for an upcoming episode of the TV show and the filming date hasn't been determined. They will be paying any travel expenses as well as hotel, travel, and an appearance fee. By the way, you don't have to have a "real" legal court case or even a case that's been filed to appear on the show.

Also, since it's not a "real" court I'm not sure that anyone can enforce any judgment.

If you're interested check out the casting call at Backstage.

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