Damn! Who knew he was even locked up, this definitely didn’t go viral on social media. The rapper turned actor was part of the legendary duo Eric B. Rakim, if you don’t know.

Maybe this didn’t make the news because dude only did 2 weeks in jail. You would’ve thought he did more the way he was shackled up like a criminal. They picked ya boy up on a 17-year-old warrant from an incident involving an injured police officer. Eric didn’t even know he had a warrant until he came back from Canada and they picked it up.

He's looking forward to a career in acting and I think he is doing great, he really is, said Barrier's attorney Patrick Toscano. He's a good, good guy. He's a good human being. He's not what the prosecutor portrayed him to be today in court, that's for sure.

Barrier, 56, will return to court Nov. 22 to resolve the old case from the original incident in Ridgefield Park.

Here’s a lesson, pay your fines and make sure you don’t have any warrants when trying to leave and re-enter the United States. Glad you home Eric B.

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