What happens when a rap hero teams up with a superhero? Eminem joins forces with none other than Marvel's Iron Man in a new comic book.

The rapper appears on the 'Mighty Avengers #3' variant cover. Iron Man sits beside Eminem on the steps of his house located on 8 Mile in Detroit. The scene is similar to the artwork of 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2.' The special cover hits stores Nov. 16.

“I try to fit the style to what I want to tell,” says Salvador Larroca, the artist who drew the cover. "I think it is important if we are trying to feature a real human person, that the likeness is there and accurate...I think realism works well for the character...I'm also sure Marshall likes to recognize himself, so I think this way is the best way.”

This isn't the MC's first foray into comic books. In 2009, Eminem and the Punisher hooked up, while toting guns, to fight off the bad guys.