For Drake, luxurious comfort is a prerequisite, and that's something that, if he can help it, will never change—not even when he's waiting on the completion for his swanky new Toronto mansion. In a new video, Drizzy, who's recently announced a new album, shows us just how he's living by giving a tour of the temporary home he's staying in while his new mansion's being built. Check it out below.

"You know, sometimes when you're out here on the road, you just forget like the importance of having a home," says Drizzy, who's recently reaffirmed his commitment to Billboard Chart dominance. "I just came home to a temporary spot until my house is built, but it's still my home for now and I'm very inspired, very excited, you know? This just has me ready, ready to work."

In the clip, we see images of stylish furniture and windows with an awesome view of what appears to be the CN Tower Drizzy sits on in his Views album cover. "How fitting," he says when turns the camera lens toward the Canadian landmark. Hilariously, what looks sort of like a glowing, tacky looking motel sign with the illuminated words, "Less Drake, more Tupac." He's always had a great sense of humor.

Drizzy's temporary spot looks more than a little dope, but it probably pales in comparison to the Ferris Rafauli-designed, 21,000 square foot pad he's got under construction. The new mansion will include a spa, a screening room, a gym and a massage room. There's no place like home.

Check out Drizzy's temporary crib for yourself just below.

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