It’s a first for Drake. The Canadian rapper gets dapper — yes, we know, that rhymes, sign us to a Young Money deal and let us collab with Lil Wayne — on the cover of the first-ever GQ Style Bible for the April 2012 issue. Lookin’ good, Drizzy. Lookin’ good. Ladies, are you swooning in your seats? Drake’s hot. There, we said it.

The GQ Style Bible is a special issue of the men’s mag that proudly presents everything dudes need to know about looking their very best in 2012. Drizzy shares the nod with ‘Mad Men’ star John Slattery and with actor Dave Franco. Each man has his own cover.

The rapper is smiling ear to ear, dressed in a perfectly tailored, well-fitting navy blue suit. He can easily pull double duty as a male model or as a politico. Doesn’t he look like he’s running for office, like a young Barack Obama? He also looks like he was enjoying himself as the cameras were snapping shots. But then again, when you look as fine as Drake, what’s not to grin about?

Drake has already established himself as a classy, sharp-dressed man, even with his signature varsity jackets. This cover nod certainly positions Drake as an artist with an enviable sense of style.