It’s no secret that Drake is a big supporter of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball program. On Saturday night (April 5), after the Wildcats beat the Wisconsin Badgers 74-73 in a very close game, Drizzy visited the team in their locker room.

As reported by the Bleacher Report, during his moment with the team, the 'Trophies' rapper congratulated the Wildcat players for their determination throughout the game.

Drake’s love for the Kentucky Wildcats is for real. In fact, he narrated a documentary about the Kentucky basketball program for ESPN in 2013.

For the players, having a superstar like Drake offering his support helps boost their moral.

"It's a blessing to play for Kentucky because we have so many fans, and fans like Drake," Freshman Wildcat player Dominique Hawkins told Fox News. "He told us to enjoy the moment and get what you want."

Fellow teammate Andrew Harrison concurs and added, "He just told us to stay confident, and it's on us now. Just keep playing and don't be satisfied, so that was exciting for all of us."

Kentucky coach John Calipari also appreciates Drake's support. On Instagram, he wrote, "My good friend is always there for us. Much love for @Drake."

After talking with the team in the locker room, Drake was asked how long he’s been a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats. "Always," he replied.

Watch Drake Inside the Kentucky Wildcats Locker Room