Rapper Papoose is out to prove that he is indeed the King of New York with his new single, 'Current Events.' The Brooklyn rhymer enlisted legendary producer DJ Premier to give him a boom-bap beat to spit his conversational punchlines.

Over a plodding beat, a victorian guitar riff and melodic keys, Pap details what's currently lacking in hip-hop.

"N----s ain’t ready to ride no mo’ / They used to try to keep it real / Now they don’t even try no mo’ / They don’t represent the style no mo’ / Ever since B.I.G. died, nobody's ready to die no mo’," he raps.

In the second verse, Papoose addresses the critics who scoffed at his proclamation that he’s a better rapper than Jay Z.

"I said that I’m better than Jigga cause I’m better than Jigga," he spits. "I ain’t no rookie to this s---, I’m a veteran spitta. N----s talk indirect, I step to them n----s / I wouldn’t give a f--- if it’s ten of them n----s."

Papoose’s 'Current Events' might not convince folks that he’s the best rapper out of New York, but he’s certainly proving that he’s worthy of the accolade.

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Listen to Papoose's Song 'Current Events' (Produced by DJ Premier)