Despite reports that Mase and his wife, Twyla Betha, are trying to work things out in their marriage, it appears the Harlem rapper is calling it quits.

TMZ reports that Mase has indeed filed for divorce from his wife. According to documents, the couple have been separated since May 2012. The gossip website is also alleging that Mase and Twyla’s marriage was a farce and they were selling books about marriage even though they weren’t together.

Both parties have filed for physical custody of their two children, while Twyla is seeking spousal and child support.

This news comes as Mase is embroiled in some controversy with his church over his lyrics in a song. Apparently, his congregation is not happy that he sermonizes about the importance of marriage yet he raps about having trysts with engaged women in rap songs.

Mase is currently working on his next studio album titled 'Now We Even.'