The subject of vaccines and mask mandates continues to be a hotly contested debate these days and one that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon.

And as long as there are varying levels of expectations thrust upon individuals, there will always be those who contend that their personal rights are being infringed upon.

That's exactly what is happening in the state of Massachusetts where there's already a short-staffed collection of Massachusetts State Police officers.  And there are sure to be fewer following new vaccination laws that these officers and those who represent them feel are unfair and unjust.

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On Monday, it was reported by CBS 6 Albany that dozens of members of the Massachusetts State Police plan on resigning after state legislation announced that they must show proof of vaccination before the October 17th deadline or they'd be in jeopardy of losing their jobs.

In the report by the news station, it was confirmed by the State Police Association of Massachusetts says that some members have sent in their resignation letters, noting that others have already decided to quit before the deadline.

Union president Sgt. Michael Cherven, said some of the troopers he represents may be recruited away from Massachusetts State Police if the mandate does not include some accommodations. -CBS Boston 

According to the report, the union that represents the Massachusetts State Police says that the state "needed to bargain with the troopers before implementing the vaccination mandate."


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