Here’s some exciting news for all of you cookie dough lovers out there!

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If you love cookie dough like myself, then I'm sure you can agree with me that at one point or another you may have been guilty of dipping into the cookie dough when baking some cookies at home, and for my die hard cookie dough lovers you may have been guilty of just eating all the dough with none left over for baking. Well, for all the cookie dough lovers out there, something huge is making its way to the Capital Region to satisfy our guilty pleasure! There will be a cookie dough shop coming to Crossgates Mall very soon! “Dough Boyz,” sells raw cookie dough by the scoop. The cookie dough is edible and safe to eat (made with treated flour and no eggs) so that you can enjoy it without the risk of getting sick, and there are many different flavors. In addition to flavors, creator of Dough Boyz Joseph Francabandiero is working to cater to all cookie dough lovers, adding gluten free, dairy free, and vegan cookie doughs to the menu!

As of right now there is a Dough Boyz currently operating in the city of Buffalo, and since their opening, it is said that the lines have been as long as 300 people, although the wait time is usually no longer than 15 minutes (Times Union).  As of right now there’s no telling when this Cookie dough shop will be making its way to the 518, but definitely be keep an eye out for for the Dough Boyz coming near you!

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