The government is shut down! Oh my gosh, the world's gonna end lol... No, it's not going to end. However, it may be a small delay in getting back to work if you work for the government and since tax time is right around the corner we may have a delay in getting those. But, the good news is we will get our refunds and everything will be OK.

As of right now, the due date is still the same April 15th according to the IRS.

I was in the store the other day and overheard a lady speaking on the government being shut down and how it's going to affect this and that but I remembered that usually around this time the government always holds us back in some way shape or form. My mom worked for the IRS for 27 years this is not the first shutdown nor will it probably be the last shutdown. Needless to say, everything will eventually be OK.

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