Donkey's Of the Day are funny, crazy, and sometimes even plain old stupid. This Donkey Of The Day is none of the above it is down right sad. A woman called the police on her abusive boyfriend who was threatening to kill her. The police determined her boyfriend's threats weren't real and told her to stop calling them.

This is a tragedy and the police department, as well as the woman's murderer, should be held responsible. After calling the Sanford Police department they determined that her complaints about the abusive man weren't valid. The police officers told the woman to stop calling 911 on the man. He killed the woman and her child 3 hours later, he broke into her house and fired his AK 47 killing her and her child instantly.

This is the same Florida county and Police Department, where Trayvon Martin was killed. Police officers become desensitized to dangerous situations and often ignore real threats. More important this woman should have been able to depend on law enforcement to protect her. In this situation, the Sanford police department failed to protect, listen to Charlamagne's break down of today's donkey.

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