Another Day another Donkey, Today's Donkey is Ryan James Burr, he thought it would be a good idea to put his 2 and 3-year-old kids in the dryer to teach them not to be scared of the noise. Here is how it all went down according to CBS NEWS.

West Virginia man is in custody after putting his two children in a dryer, shutting the door and taking videos of them, authorities said Thursday. A criminal complaint in Marshall County Magistrate Court said 24-year-old Ryan James Barr of Moundsville was charged with child neglect creating risk of injury.

Sheriff's Deputy Travis Morando said deputies were called after someone saw videos posted by Barr on Snapchat last week. In one of them, a young girl is screaming after she was placed in a dryer and the door was shut, according to the sheriff.

In the other video, he said, a young boy is put in the dryer, which is turned on for a short period. The complaint said Barr then looked through the window of the dryer so he could see the boy spinning.

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