Nothing is off limits to The Kardashians, and it seems like Kendall Jenner's latest endeavor is a Pepsi commercial that has people out raged. Kendall makes an appearance in a Pepsi commercial where she shows up to a police brutality protest that looks very tense and offers the police officer a Pepsi to keep everyone calm.

After Kendall gives the officer a Pepsi all is well. This is a horrible concept for a commercial. Its not only Kendall who is the donkey of the day everyone involved with this commercial its extremely to a serious issue which is police brutality. Who decided Kendall Jenner would make people want to go out and buy Pepsi anyways ? Pepsi knew this was a mistake and has pulled all the ads you can't even find the commercial online anymore. Charlamagne has the rundown of today's Donkey OF The Day.

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