As the current Presidential Election gets stranger and stranger. A Donald Trump supporter right here in the Capital Region is serious about protecting his TRUMP 2016 sign. Someone keeps stealing his sign and this time he built a barbed wire fence, complete with concrete and lights, to protect his sign from would-be thieves.

Capital Region home builder Robert Marin has built his latest TRUMP 2016 sign in concrete and surrounded it with barbed wire and lights in an attempt to deter would-be vandals and thieves from messing with his show of political pride. And if those features aren't enough of a deterrent, a warning sign bellows: "DO NOT Touch The Sign. If you are reading this, you are TRESPASSING. You WILL BE PROSECUTED To The Fullest Extent Of The Law."

In this episode of "Don't Read the Comments," I scroll through various comments on Times Union, to get an idea of the perspective that most of the people commenting on this post think. Take a look and listen below.