Another day another dilemma this woman wrote to me about her and her fiance. She is having a problem with her fiance and finances this Christmas. He lost his job and isn't able to provide Christmas gifts this year. Let's see if we can help her out on The Supreme Experience this afternoon.

Here is what she wrote:

Me and My fiancé have been engaged since last Christmas he brought me a beautiful ring and we had a wedding date set for Late November of this year. With all of the COVID-19 regulations, we have decided to get married in 2022.

I really don’t have a problem with this and don’t mind getting married later on with the current situation. I’m just happy me and my loved ones are healthy and safe. My fiancé goes all out for holidays and is a real sweetheart.

He gets me anything I want for Christmas but recently he lost his job and is currently looking for employment during the pandemic. His job was non-essential and usually, he is able to make Christmas wonderful for me and my son. He told me not to get him anything for Christmas and just focus on my son.

Well, my ex is already taking care of my son’s Christmas this year. Would I be wrong for just getting my fiancé a gift even though I know he can’t afford to buy me anything? Do you think he would be offended by this? I just don’t want to cancel everyone’s Christmas because he isn’t able to provide gifts. Another problem is my ex insists on buying me a gift as well how can I kindly refuse his gift without making my current fiancé look like a loser?

I just don’t want to hurt my fiancé’s feelings but my ex is an excellent gift giver and it would just be a friendly gesture. We have both moved on, I just don’t want to cause any issues. Should I cancel Christmas because my fiancé lost his job?

This lady is playing with fire. She should tell her son's father to chill. This is a no-win situation and her fiance will feel awful if he finds out that your ex is buying you gifts. She should buy a gift that her and her fiance can share. Call me up this afternoon and lets discuss today's scenario on the Supreme Experience afternoons 3p - 7p.

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