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Does No Mean No?
A woman from Colonie is having a problem with her fiance and finances this Christmas. He lost his job and isn't able to provide Christmas gifts this year. Should she buy him gifts?
No Casual Sex
Are you still hooking up during the pandemic? You're brave. If you are social distancing, that means no new sex partners. If you're not in a committed relationship, this might be the time to get to know yourself better.
Although I’ve seen a few young rappers still accepting “Pull Ups," a dating …
Valentines Day Gifts
Valentine’s day is the kind of holiday where some couples would rather get each other expensive gifts, and for others, a handwritten letter or card is even better. There are some really good and affordable gift options out there
To Old To Be A Player ?
In a new interview with GQ Magazine, music mogul Quincy Jones admits to having 22 girlfriends around the globe, all younger than him and they all know about each other.